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Spring Work Day - 23-April-2022


We had a fantastic Spring Work Day at Fountain Lake for 2022.  The weather was wonderful.  We accomplished many projects for  Spring Work Day!  Thanks to all the volunteers who made this a success.  


Spring Work Day Projects:​

  1.  Fix drainage pipe and fill in large hole at bulkhead

  2.  Wash globe lights along the upper units

  3.  Replaced damaged boards on the dock

  4.  Built new berm to divert rainwater at unit 131

  5.  Replaced bolts and tightened bolts on pool fence


Special thanks to Bill & Becky (Unit #102); Drew and his 3 kids + Clive & Leslie (Unit #108); Mark & Christie (Unit #109); Arthur (Unit #115); Dennis & Nancy (Unit #117); Joe (Unit #123); Stephen & Judy (Unit #125); and Thomas (Unit #126). 

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SWD Berm 05.jpg
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SWD Dock 02.jpg
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