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Spring Work Day - 23-April-2022


We had a fantastic SPRING WORK DAY at Fountain Lake for 2023.  The weather was COLD and BLUSTERY (nobody sweated from heat… LOL).  We accomplished many projects for SPRING WORK DAY!  Thanks to all the volunteers who made this a success.  These events bring together the community for fun and helping to improve the property. 


Spring Work Day Projects:​

  1. Removed the last gazebo that was located by the North Dock

  2. Wash globe lights along the upper units

  3. Repaired the fence along FM3152 that was leaning

  4. Removed sections of the fence along the southern perimeter that had deteriorated

  5. Removed the abandoned boat lift floating along the bulkhead


Special Thanks to: Kim and her son Ryan (Unit #101); Bill & Becky (Unit #102); Phil (Unit #108); Drew and his 3 boys (Cade, Hunter, and Dominic) + Clive & Leslie and Alydia (Unit #108); Mark & Christie (Unit #109); Vincent (Unit #112); Richard (Unit #113); Judy (Unit #114); Aubrey (Unit #118); Joe (Unit #123); and David & Sherri (Unit #133).

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