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Fountain Lake Rules and Regulations

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The following rules and regulations apply to all units at Fountain Lake, both residents and guests.  Failure to abide by these rules and regulations can lead to disciplinary action and loss of privileges.  Rights of use of common amenities may be suspended for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days for any infraction of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.  Homeowners are responsible for damages caused by guests, tenants and contractors.

SUMMARY:  Please refer to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for full details.

QUIET TIME:  Please be a considerate neighbor.  Quite time is between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am.

COMMON AREAS:  Common areas are defined as the area outside the exterior building lines of each town home. Anything in the common areas belongs to the entire FLRA community. Any damage by owners, their families, guests, tenants, contractors, purchasers or others to common areas will be restored and charged to the homeowner. No personal property, household items, lawn equipment, children’s toys, swing sets, etc. may be stored or erected on common areas.


VISUAL CONTROL:  All equipment, clotheslines, personal property, etc. must be kept inside the home or storage rooms to conceal them from the view.


EXTERIOR PAINT:  All townhome exteriors at Fountain Lake are to be painted the same color, referred to as Fountain Lake Brown.  Tejas Paint and Flooring in Livingston has an approved color chip and can mix the correct color.  An alternate process is to take a good quality Fountain Lake Brown color sample to a paint store for a computerized color match.


FLOWER BEDS AND SHRUBS:  Fountain Lake lawn service is not responsible for flowerbeds and shrubs around homes.  Beds and shrubs not maintained will be removed and charged to the homeowner.


GARBAGE CANS AND TRASH PICKUP SERVICE:  2 garbage cans are allowed per unit.  All garbage and broken-down boxes must be bagged and tied closed before placing them in the garbage cans.  Preferred bags are heavy duty type and the maximum weight per bag is requested to be no more than 20 pounds.  Trash pickup is scheduled for twice a week on Monday or Tuesday as well as Thursday or Friday.  Owners are responsible to keep their garbage area clean (before and after garbage pickup).


MAINTENANCE FEES:  Fees are due on the 1st day of each month and incur a late charge if not paid in the month due.  No invoices are mailed.  The right to use common amenities may be suspended until maintenance fees are paid in full.


SWIMMING POOLS:  There is no lifeguard on duty.  You swim at your own risk.  Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  No glass containers are allowed in the pool area.  No pets (except ADA Compliant Service Animals) are allowed inside the fenced pool area.  No pets are allowed in the pool at any time.  A valid red pool tag is required when swimming.  When you leave the pool area, please remember to take ALL pool toys with you, return pool furniture to its proper location, and put down the umbrellas. Any personal items left at the pools will be discarded. Pool hours are 8:00am to 10:00pm daily.

DONATIONS:  Donations of pool furniture and pool nets are encouraged for the enjoyment of the community.  Requests should be submitted to the FLRA HOA Board via email and approval is required prior to putting any donations at the pools.


PONDS:  Use of cast nets is prohibited.  Catch and release fishing for children less than 14 years of age only.


BURN PILE:  The burn pile is for burning vegetation, lawn, and leaf refuse only.  No construction material or household garbage of any type can be burned.


PIERS:  Clean-up is responsibility of user.  No swimming or diving from or around piers, boat slips or bulkheads.  The water is shallow and debris collects in these areas.


BOAT SLIPS:  Assigned to individual units.  Damage resulting from improper use is the responsibility of the homeowners.  Damage resulting from ordinary wear and tear is the responsibility of Fountain Lake.


FIREARMS:  Discharge of firearms, pellet guns and BB guns are prohibited on Fountain Lake grounds.


FIREWORKS:  Fireworks are allowed up to 10pm except on New Year’s Eve and July 4, when they are allowed until 12 midnight.


TRAFFIC:  15 MPH speed limit and One-Way traffic flow throughout the entire complex.  No exceptions.  No driving or parking on Fountain Lake landscaped or grass areas.  No parking on roadways due to narrow widths.


PARKING:  Each Townhome has two assigned spaces near the Townhome for passenger vehicles only. Boats and trailers may not be parked in parking spaces. No parking on the property shall, without express written permission of the Homeowners Association, be used for parking or storage of trailers (except boat trailers), campers, motor or mobile homes, unused or inoperable vehicles, or any items which the Association deems unsightly or inappropriate. All vehicles parked on the property must have current registration or will be subject to towing. Parking is allowed only on the concrete, not on the grass, except for certain areas of the Reserve (when indicated by signage).

Boats and Boat Trailer Parking: Parking of boats and boat trailers are acceptable in the upper boat area. All boat trailers must have current registration and must have your unit number posted or the trailer is subject to towing.

Construction/Painting/Roofing/Remodeling Parking: During active construction/remodeling of your unit, construction trailers or dumpsters may be parked in the homeowner's two assigned parking spaces. Should active construction/remodeling cease for 30 days or more, any construction trailers or dumpsters should be removed. The ACC Request should include this information as part of the initial request.


VEHICLE MAINTENANCE:  Repair on premises is prohibited.  Light maintenance is acceptable, however, resulting cleanup of trash, oil spills, etc. is the responsibility of the homeowner.


UNLICENSED VEHICLES:  Unlicensed vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, golf carts, ATV’s etc. are prohibited anywhere in the community.


PETS:  Dogs or household pets must be accompanied by owner and leashed at all times when outside of the home.  Immediate clean-up is the responsibility of the owner.  No pets are allowed in the pools or inside fenced area of the pools.  Unsupervised pets are subject to being picked up.


ADA COMPLIANT SERVICE ANIMALS:  ADA Compliant Service Animals are welcomed at Fountain Lake. Service animals are always required to be leashed and controlled. The owner should be prepared to confirm they have a disability and what tasks the dog is trained to perform. It is illegal to falsely claim an animal is a service animal.  If the disability and service animal status is confirmed, the leashed service animal IS allowed inside the fenced pool patio area (and all other public areas) but IS NOT allowed in the pool.


FERAL ANIMALS:  Please do not feed feral animals in the common FLRA areas, especially cats. To help minimize problems related to feral animals, it is also suggested that food not be left outside on decks or around homes. The exception can be when feeding is used for trapping feral animals for relocation or Trap-Neuter-Release efforts. The goal is to minimize and help control the number of feral animals running loose in Fountain Lake.


TREE TRIMMING:  Homeowners are responsible for trimming trees or branches off their roofs and can trim any tree branches that have crossed their property line (which extends 4-to-5-feet around the home).  Homeowners are authorized and encouraged to keep limbs away from their roof to avoid damage during storms.  The FLRA HOA is responsible for trimming any trees or branches on community property (beyond the 4-to-5-foot perimeter).  If a homeowner wishes to have limbs or branches trimmed in the common area, requests should be submitted to the FLRA HOA Board and approval is required prior to any cutting (submit request via email).

SIGNS:  All signs must have advanced approval.  Unapproved signs will be removed.

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