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Part of the great living at Fountain Lake is volunteering with your fellow homeowners on work projects.  These projects contribute to the over value and astechics of Fountain Lakes.  The Architecture Control Committee (ACC) will periodically sponsor Work Days for the community.  What if you can't make a Work Day or would like to contribute to the community in your own time?  Below is an approved list of volunteer work items that we need completed.  Feel free to contact ACC and let them know you want to complete one of these tasks.  With prior approval, ACC will generally pay for supplies/materials needed for these tasks.



Paint upper pool fence

Work Item #1 - the upper pool fence needs to be repaired and painted.



On our ACC Work Day list for 18-April-2015!  Please plan to participate!

Fix broken timbers

Work Item #2 - fix the brokken road timber by unit #123

08-Jan-2015 - YEAH! Work Item #2 is done.

Repair foot bridge

Work Item #3 - repair the upper foot bridge.  Carl Henry has volunteered to reset the posts.

08-Jan-2015 - another work project done - Work Item #3.

Repair bricks at entrance planter

Work List Item #4 - repair the broken bricks at the entrance planter.


After New Year's Eve, we now have more of the brick planter to repair.  :-(


28-Feb-2015 - YEAH! Work Item #4 is done.

Repair water line on docks

Work List Item #5 - repair the water lines on both the North and South docks.  The South dock was replace and has a leak.  The North dock requries a complete running of new lines.


28-Feb-2015 - YEAH! Work List item #5 is done.

Repair electricity on docks

Work List #6 - repair the electricity on both the Northa nd South docks.  Both docks will require new wiring.

Remove timber platforms

Work List #7 - remove the obslete timber platforms outside units #116 and #122.  These timber plaforms are in disrepair and not needed.  They are located in the common area and represent a safety hazard.




On our ACC Work Day list for 18-April-2015!  Please plan to participate!

Replace floor in guard shack

Work List #8 - the floor in teh guard shack at teh entrance needs to be replaced.  At the same time, there are new vinyl blinds to install and we need to inventory the contents of the guard shack.

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